Moving & Reinstalling

Congrats on your new home!

When you move from your house with a hidden dog fence to one without, you will need to reinstall the wire into the ground. It is too labor intensive to rip up the old wire and will be unsightly for the new owners. We provide wire installation for you regardless of what dog fence system you have. Some companies are no longer in business or maybe you had a bad experience with another…we can help you install the new wire. 

You already own the control box and collar for your dog so that can come with you. Also, the wire you leave behind at your previous home could be a selling point to a new owner with a dog. All they need to do is purchase a new transmitter box and collar. The wire is already in the ground! We offer a service for this and the dog fence training if they need it!

Do you have a second home? Make sure it has a Canine Concepts Fence! Most dogs adapt pretty quickly once they are already trained on their primary home.