Electric Dog Fence Installation

Electric, Underground or Hidden Dog Fences

However you phrase it, they are all the same thing! Hidden dog fences are meant to keep your dog safe in your yard while releasing their pent up energy! You may simply want for your dog to go outside and do their business without you as a leash escort. Maybe you are getting unwanted phone calls from the neighbors or, worse yet, being fined by your city because your dog is getting out.

Whatever the reason you want a fence for your dog -rest easy … we can help!

An underground dog fence consists of a wire that is trenched along a certain part of your yard, typically the edges, and is then connected to a transmitter box inside your home. This control box emits a radio frequency, usually 3-4 feet each way from the wire and, in turn, becomes the boundary area for your dog around your property. The edge of this zone is then marked with flags all around the yard to define it as their new boundary area and then the training begins!

Canine Concepts Dog Fence Training

Training your dog to a pet fence is very important and should be done right the first time. We offer a complete training package so that your dog is taken through the proper steps with us coming back multiple times. The fence training for your dog takes on average a couple weeks to complete, depending on the dog! We incorporate an electric dog fence collar that uses an audible anti-linger warning tone and then a static correction. The correction is not harmful to your pup but needs to do more than just tickle. The Canine Concepts system uses a collar that easily adjusts to the temperament and size of your dog with five levels of correction. It is our goal to not make this a stressful event for your dog but a learning one!

Dog Fence Installation

Your new underground dog fence can typically be installed in half a day and our turn around time is within 1-2 weeks. If you have opted for garden loops to protect your flower beds or other areas in your yard, the wireless dog fence installation will take a little longer. The trenching of the weatherproof wire is mostly done with a machine that leaves minimal trace of the work done depending on roots or rocks beneath the surface. Most of the time, you will barely notice where we were! We will also mount the transmitter box inside your property. This location is usually in your garage, basement or shed as long as there is a power outlet within a few feet. In addition to the control box, we also install a surge protection device to protect your outlet and the box!

We Use Rechargeable Batteries

With Canine Concepts you won’t have to worry about paying for or remembering to replace the batteries for the life of the system!  Simply look at the indicator light on our collar and you will see when it needs to be recharged, which is typically every couple of months.

These rechargeable collars can save you upwards of $600 – $800 in the long run when compared with other electric dog fence systems. Not to mention the waste of throwing away all those batteries over time! It’s a win – win for your wallet and the environment to use rechargeable batteries for an electric dog fence!

  • Indicator light for battery status

  • Five correction levels to best suit your dog

  • Audible anti-linger warning

  • Waterproof & Lightweight

  • Charges in 2-3 hours & lasts 6-8 weeks

  • Includes test light tool