Frequently Asked Questions

The Canine Concepts electric dog fence system is very easy to use. We install hidden dog fences throughout Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod. We can also repair and fix your electric dog fence, regardless of who originally installed the system.

When you purchase an electric dog fence from us, you will receive training on how everything works once it is installed at your home. Here are some common questions and answers that we get at the beginning of the process when people are considering an underground or electric dog fence system in MA. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us directly and thanks again for your interest in Canine Concepts!

Do I have to charge the electric dog fence collar every night?

No! The Canine Concepts dog fence collar only needs to be charged every 4-6 weeks and the Lithium Ion battery takes only 2-3 hours to charge. The indicator light on the collar will tell you when it needs to be charged again! As the battery depletes, the indicator turns orange and then red, corresponding to the batteries lower level. A fully charged collar will blink green every few seconds!

If I leave the collar plugged in will it overcharge?

No! There is a built in safety circuit that will prevent the electric dog fence collar from overcharging.

How will I know if the transmitter box is not working?

The Canine Concepts tranmitter box for your electric dog fence has an audible warning that tells you immediately if there is a wire break.

How do I know that the collar and transmitter box are working?

Don’t worry…you don’t have to give yourself a correction! With Canine Concepts, you will receive a test tool light that works with your electric dog fence collar. It will show you if the collar is working or not.

Does someone have to come out to my house for an estimate?

Not necessarily. If you know the acreage of the area that you are looking to keep your dog in, we can give you an estimate over the phone. We will ask some questions that are particular to your dog and your property as we talk. If you have a complex yard or think there may be an install issue for whatever reason, it may be best for us to come out to you and have a look at your property and explain things more thoroughly. To get things started, just fill out the free consultation form!

What limitations do you have installing the dog fence wire?

Not many! The wire needs a complete loop around your property. We can dig up a brick path if we need and then reposition them, run the wire through rocks, staple the wire in any woods you have and do all this will as minimal an impact as possible to your yard. Most of the time you will not even know where the wire has gone! We can even run the wire through a stream or pond on your property to extend your dogs area!

How do you go through the driveway?

For concrete driveways, we will use one of the stress cracks to place the wire and then reseal it. An asphalt driveway will receive a cut about a half inch down the width of the driveway which will hold the wire and then be sealed. The only way to put the wire under a driveway is if there is a pipe that has been installed to run the wire through below the surface.

Do I need to be home for the install?

At the beginning and at the end. When we arrive the installer will walk the property again with you to make sure nothing has changed with the area you have chosen. The installer also needs access to wherever you have decided to put the transmitter box. Usually this is a shed, basement or garage. After that you can do errands for an couple hours. However, once the installer is finished the dog training for your electric dog fence will begin. This is a very important part as this is when we explain how the whole dog fence system works and proceed then with your dogs’ training!

When is my dog ready for training?

It really does depend on your dog. Typically we can begin if the dog is both, three to four months old and at least fifteen pounds. The weight requirement will vary with the type of dog. We will also look at the temperament and behavior of your dog. If your dog is a six year old rescue pup that you got the week before, we may want to give you sometime getting to know each other before we begin training. A good option for this type of situation if that we can install the dog fence and place the flags around your property so that you know where the boundary area will be and then come back at some point to start your dog fence training!

Do any dogs have trouble with the training?

Every dog is truly different. Two golden retrievers from the same little have been known to learn at a different pace. Most dogs adapt to their new boundary areas within a couple of weeks or so. Sometimes a certain breed will learn very fast while others learn slower, but they all eventually learn the system. If you have a very aggressive dog or one that has had a troubled past, we will have to handle them on a case by case basis.

Will the correction hurt my dog?

No. The correction that is given to your dog is a static shock akin to what happens in the winter when our skin sometimes touches a doorknob and we get a static shock. It does not harm them, but it can not just tickle either. Our Canince Concepts dog fence collar has five different levels of correction so that we can tailor the electric dog fence training to the temperment of your dog!

I don't want to be the one to train my dog. What are my options?

You will be playing a pivotal role in training your dog to his new electric dog fence. The main part will be walking your dog during the days between trainings and helping them to define their new boundaries. You do not have to be the one to give them the dog fence corrections however. Our Complete Training package can take care of that for you. With it, we will be the person that comes out multiple times to give your dog their training corrections. It’s actually a good idea as most dogs will tend to associate the person doing the traing with the corrections. That’s where we get to be the trainer that leaves after the session and you get to be the hero parent that goes and plays with your dog in your yard!

Can I still take my dog for walks?

Of course! During the training phase we prefer that you focus on walking your dog within your yard but it is still fine to walk them around the neighborhood. You can not, however, just turn the system off and let them walk past the boundary flags. There are a few techniques that will be used to get your dog out that we will go over during the training but they can still get to their lunch dates at the dog park!