Electric Dog Fence Repair

Dog Fence Wire Break Detector

We use a solid core wire and a thick gauge to do the job right for our dog fence installations and repairs.  This means that it is suitable for our New England winters and many, many years of use!

If your underground dog fence is not working properly, it can only be a few things.  The most common reason for a malfunctioning dog fence is a break in the underground wire that goes around your property and connects to a transmitter box.  If the wire has been accidentally cut or has been compromised by cracks or erosion of the once protected copper, the system will not operate.  Wired dog fences need a continuous loop to operate and any break in the boundary wire or the twist wire will render the system useless.

If you do not know where the wire break is, the most difficult part of the repair can be locating the actual break.  We use a special device that helps us to facilitate a quick and efficient repair! 

Contact us and we will ask you some basic questions over the phone to try and diagnose the problem. Sometimes it is just a setting on the transmitter box or, as one person found out, it was just unplugged! We have heard stories of people that have searched for hours on end for a wire break and the real problem was very simple to solve.